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Frightening Frequencies: 5G And The Plan To Control You Forever

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards  

Aldous Huxley  

We are steamrolling into a transhumanist society in which humans and technology are planned to be seamlessly fused, and humanity as we know it will be no more. Transhumanism is the next and final card to be played in the Hidden Hand’s agenda for mass human subjugation, and the steps towards this technological prison are already well advanced. This is all unfolding at this ‘time’ because they believe humanity is sufficiently addicted to technology for them to now impose their ultimate dystopia. They are so confident of their success that they are already in the process of connecting the human mind to a technological sub-reality or ‘hive mind’. Crazy? Well, yes, it absolutely would be, but the spokespeople for the agenda – the Kurzweil’s, Musk’s, Zuckerberg’s, and Regina Dugin’s of the world – are so confident it is going to happen that they are openly admitting it now, whilst setting deadlines for its implementation. I’m not sat there in a darkened room, in the lotus position, pulling this stuff out of the ether. Even Singularity University Co-founder and Google Executive, Ray Kurzweil, is getting so excited about it that he has gone out and bought himself a brand new head of hair in preparation. Kurzweil, who has been a vocal and tireless proponent of transhumanism for decades, calls this hivemind the ‘cloud’ and has predicted that humans will have ‘cloud’ connected brains by 2030. Yes, that’s only 10 years away. He says that:   

Our thinking… will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking… humans will be able to extend their limitations and ‘think in the cloud’… We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves… In my view, that’s the nature of being human – we transcend our limitations.   

As the technology becomes vastly superior to what we are then the small proportion that is till human gets smaller and smaller and smaller until it’s just utterly negligible.’  

You have to hand it to him, that’s quite the sale pitch. Shame he’s selling us a pup. These people from the Devil’s Playground a.k.a Silicon Valley are now being so upfront about their plans because they want to sell us the idea that the connection to AI will make us superhuman. It won’t. It will make us sub-human and non-human, and these lot bloody well know it. The real reason for the ‘cloud’ is the central control of all minds. They want AI to feed us all our thoughts, emotions and reactions through this brain-cloud connection so that humanity will be nothing more than computer terminals responding to data input and information. Scientists are already experimenting with animals to connect their minds into one ‘hive’ on the way to doing the same with humans. Once nanotech enters the fray and the AI/technological connection is made – there’s no going back. Humanity would be trapped in a dystopian nightmare that would make even George Orwell wince.   

In order for the ‘cloud’ and all of its expressions to work — the Smart Grid, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything — they require a minimum level of communication and Wi-Fi power of at least what is known as ‘5G’ (meaning 5th Generation). The introduction of 5G is, therefore, absolutely crucial to the success of this technological takeover of the human mind and we are going to see behaviour and health catastrophically affected once the 5G grid is firmly in place. Don’t fall for the scam that 5G is just an upgrade to 4G — it’s not. It’s an entirely different beast altogether, operating on a completely new frequency range known as millimetre waves (MmW) which pulsate their extremely disruptive frequencies within the 30 to 300 gigahertz range. It is extremely high frequency with extremely high intensity and once cranked up to full power will bombard the cells of the human body with up to 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second ….90 billion electromagnetic waves per second! For perspective4G and Wi-Fi operate up to 2.4 gigahertz, microwave ovens operate at around 2.5 gigahertz, so we are already living in a microwave oven, but 5G will unleash frequency armageddon on the human body and mind. You may be able to download a film in 5 seconds, but you’ll be microwaved like a cheap ready meal from Aldi. It is said that because of 5G’s short range, it won’t be able to travel over long distances or pass effectively through physical objects like buildings and trees. These reported limitations of 5G mean that, instead of enormous broadcasting transmitters that we’ve seen up until now sending the signal longer distances, 5G will require an insane number of small transmitters placed at extremely close intervals down every street. This means next to schools and hospitals as well… Just ponder the implications of that. 5G can, in fact, travel further than they claim, but transmitters close together is the agenda, and would explain why they are popping up everywhere like weeds at the height of summer. To give you an idea, the city of Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles area will require ‘4,000 to 5,000 new cell sites over the next five years’, according to campaigner and attorney Jonathan Kramer, and that’s for a population of just around 130,000 people. At the time of writing, Thousand Oaks has around 140 wireless sites, and so this is the scale of change we are facing. Imagine the amount of transmitters that will be erected globally once we’ve included enormous cities like London, New York, Beijing and Tokyo into the mix — the number will be just incredible. There have already been thousands of trees chopped down in many cities across the world to accommodate their installation. In the English city of Sheffield alone, there have been reports of over 5,000 perfectly healthy trees being felled. This is most documented case but, despite what local councils claim, it will be happening elsewhere. I’ve even seen them cut down where I live — for every 3 trees, 1 would be chopped down, creating space for this dense radiation to get through. I’ve seen a gradual change in streetlights to the new LED models fitted with the very 5G antenna that will broadcast this devastating radiation into people’s homes. The goal is to construct a global grid of control, manipulation and health devastation via these transmitters that will be controlled from a central location. And what’s worse, it’s all being installed, under the cover of darkness, whilst people are sat at home playing the Xbox or watching the game show.

In 2016Tom Wheeler, then chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), declared plans for all communities, urban and rural, to be saturated with cumulatively lethal 5G frequencies connecting ‘everything from pill bottles to plant waters’. The agenda is to hook every single material thing on the planet, including human themselves, onto a vast planet-wide web where everything and everyone become nodes on the network – connected by nano-sized microchips (or nanobots) which are smaller than the eye can see and can be inhaled. Everything will be woven into one giant integrated system of surveillance, command and control, which you will not be able to escape — at any cost. The complete fraud that is Barack Obama appointed Mr. Wheeler as head of the FCC when his previous jobs included being a lobbyist for the very telecommunications industry that at the FCC he was meant to be protecting us from. Wheeler was also President of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). Conflict of interests much?! But this, of course, is not by chance. The Globalist Web ensures that the people controlling the FCC and other ‘regulation’ and ‘protection’ agencies also control the telecommunications industry. When you control both sides of the game, there is only one winner every time: the Hidden Hand and the advancement of their sinister agenda. Wheeler, a man you wouldn’t trust to tell you the date in calendar factory, said in a speech about 5G at the National Press Club in 2016:   

‘We won’t wait for the standards to be first developed in the sometimes arduous standards-setting process or in a government-led activity. Instead, we will make ample spectrum available and then rely on a private sector-led process for producing technical standards best suited for those frequencies and use cases.’  

We’ll hand safety regulation over to the industry that doesn’t want regulation. Makes sense. He either knows what the game is or is a complete idiot. Take your pick. Nevertheless, this is a prime example of how these here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians and officials operate and will do whatever it takes to further the agenda of their hidden masters – knowingly or unknowingly. If you haven’t seen his speech, it’s a must watch to see the cold, psychopathic mentality that we are dealing with:

Tom ‘Warm Eyes’ Wheeler. The former chairman of the FCC.

According to reports, the plan for the next year is to put around 20,000 satellites up in space to beam 5G at us. Elon Musk alone is planning to launch around 12,000 satellites into space with his SpaceX project. This is the man who claims that Artificial Intelligence will be the end of humanity and yet goes on to create Neuralink to connect the human mind to…. Artificial Intelligence. ‘But he is one of us, right? He must be… He went on the Joe Rogan Experience and smoked weed…’ Facebook and Google are also both involved in space-based Wi-Fi and it was revealed in a Freedom of Information request that Facebook is developing an internet satellite that would ‘efficiently provide broadband access (5G) to unserved and underserved areas throughout the world’. When a Musk SpaceX rocket exploded at Cape Canaveral back in 2016, it was carrying a Facebook Wi-Fi satellite. Facebook, like Google and the other internet giants, are a central feature of a far bigger plot to further the Hidden Hand’s agenda for total control. Don’t be mistaken into thinking they are just search engine companies or social media platforms. Anything that comes out of Silicon Valley needs to be watched like a hawk. This includes the likes of Musk and Zuckerberg who are clearly frontpeople for this agenda. And why is it that all these companies are started in a Silicon Valley garage? You would think they would come up with a more convincing cover story by now. But, no, these salesmen for the Devil’s Playground know humanity will accept any old nonsense. And we do, tragically. ‘Mr Zuckerberg, we need a cover story, got any ideas?’. ‘Use that garage one, that’ll do’. We make it far too easy for them, we really do.   

Increasing numbers of people are becoming ‘electro-hypersensitive’ because they cannot tolerate even low-exposure to the Wi-Fi fields that we have at present. What the hell happens to these people at even higher frequencies that will be everywhere and they cannot escape? Our skin, the largest organ in our body, directly responds to 5G and it can penetrate the dermis and epidermis. Dr Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University wrote to the FCC to point out that more than 90 percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the skin which acts like a sponge. Our sweat ducts also operate as antennas responding to electromagnetic fields. According to Israeli scientist Dr. Ben-Ishai: ‘[The 5G frequencies] will zap [us] with wavelengths that will interact with the geometrical structure of our skin … We found that sweat ducts work like helical antennas …’ We have between 2 to 4 million of these ducts and the effect of 5G is to make them even more conductive. This skin antenna phenomena has allowed them to develop technology for crowd dispersal that broadcast frequencies within the 5G millimetre wave range. This ‘Active Denial System’ emits frequencies which the skin decodes into heat and makes the person feel a severe burning sensation. When I say ‘severe’, I ain’t exaggerating either. A US Department of Defense report said: ‘If you are unlucky enough to be standing there when [the beam] hits you, you will feel like your body is on fire.’ See what I mean? With 5G everywhere, they could do this to everyone en masse. ‘Mr Catherall, do what we say or else!’ ‘No, I won’t – ahhhhhh I’m on fire!’ This is some shit we are dealing with. Mark Steele, weapons expert, based out of the UK, says that the LED streetlights have an antenna that contains a complicated microchipset and dialectric antenna lens which is ‘beamforming’. This is based on the multiple input, multiple output phased array antenna, a weapons capability used in battlefield interrogation. Yes, you read that correctly. Beamforming technology allows it to lock on to targets and direct a focused beam of electromagnetic waves (like a bullet) to that target. They can track and trace anyone anywhere with this technology and is what has been described as a ‘target acquired system’. This is being brought to your front door, people. Ponder on that for a moment. They will be able to target specific people and eventually everyone will be given a unique digital number to isolate them for targeting when required. Ridiculous? Nope. They are actively trying to collect people’s biometric data for this very purpose. Once the 5G grid is in place it will give the Hidden Hand the potential to dramatically increase the power of 5G transmissions to microwave the population to an even greater extent. The potential is there for a mass cull of the population which they have been scheming for a very long time. The people controlling the grid will have control of every human mind, human health and everything in the natural world. You want to challenge The System? Goodbye.  

Just as Tesla said, everything is frequency, vibration and energy. We live in an energetic sea of information. To control the fish, you have to control the sea, and 5G frequencies will dramatically change the nature of this energetic sea. Every emotion and thought are frequencies, and they’ve worked out these frequencies. They can manipulate human perception and behaviour, and this was proven with the experiments of Ross Adey around 40 years ago. Adey found out that they could aggravate people, put an individual or entire community to sleep, alter sexual preferences and even delete memories. In the must-watch documentary ‘5G Apocalypse – the Extinction Event’, Barrie Trower explains how microwave weapons were used in the past as they are today. He describes how it is the perfect stealth weapon that the government can use when it doesn’t like a particular group of people to make them sick, like we witnessed with the protesters against RAF Greenham Common (the U.S. military base in the UK) and the Catholics in Northern Ireland. According to Trower, it happens all over the world. It is a weapon that you’re not being aware it is used against you. He says that a small dose of microwave radiation is more dangerous than a high dose of such radiation. It can take one to two years, but it can cause neurological damage and inflict different types of cancer.   

By our very nature, we are electromagnetic organisms. The human body has its own energetic field, the mind processes information electrically, and the DNA is a receiver-transmitter of information. 5G, which is electromagnetic radiation, is going to disrupt us and our electrical communication systems, including the central nervous system. If our electromagnetic networks are disrupted by technological radiation — 5G produces 10 times the amount of radiation than current technology — then we are not only going to be affected in terms of health, but also our mental and emotional states. There will be a catastrophic amount of dis-ease within the body, which will manifest itself as cancers and other life-threatening illnesses. Here are some of the many reported effects of 5G on the body:  

– DNA single and double strand breaks (leads to cancer)   

– Oxidative damage (leads to premature ageing and deterioration)  

– Disruption to cell metabolism    

– Increased blood brain barrier permeability (more toxins and smart dust will be able to enter the brain)  

– Melatonin reduction (insomnia and cancer risks)  

– Disruption to brain glucose metabolism (memory loss)  

– Generation of stress proteins (causes a variety of diseases)  

– Causes fertility issues, miscarriages, damage to unborn children and decreased sperm counts in men  

– Heart rate changes (study done in 1992 in Russia on Rats in this frequency range)  

– Serious nosebleeds (as witnessed in Gateshead 5G trials)  

In addition to this, ultra-high frequency 60 GHz 5G millimetre waves have already been proven to interfere with the oxygen molecules we breathe. When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60 GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of the electrons. It is those electrons that bind to hemoglobin in our blood. If the orbital spin properties are disrupted, our ability to absorb oxygen will be severely hampered, creating slow suffocation. A lot of elderly people already have trouble breathing as it is, so what’s going to happen to them when they unleash this frequency weapon – which is precisely what it is – into the energetic ‘sea’ we constantly interact with? The implications are going to be cata-bloody-strophic. Dr Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust, has said we are ‘volunteering our living body in a giant uncontrolled experiment’. Well, yes and no. Deep in the shadows they know exactly what they’re doing, and, as I’ve said, they don’t want adequate testing or research carried out because it’ll be the death-knell for 5G. This is where many researchers into 5G miss the point. As long as these researchers continue pursuing this narrative, we will never achieve enough of a groundswell to root out the real cause of the breath-taking mendacity and deceit. They need to ‘think bigger, look deeper’ – that’ll be a good starting point.

Babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to technologically-generated electromagnetic fields, and that’s even before the release of the deeply chaotic and destructive frequency of 5G. According to electromagnetic weapon expert, Barrie Trower, if nothing is done about this technological radiation, then in the lifetime of one person – around 70 years – the number of healthy children will be one-eighth of what it is now. Yikes. It probably doesn’t help that the safety standard tests for mobile phone technology is done on an artificial human head based on a big, burly American soldier named ‘SAM Phantom Head’. Obviously, a thick skull of a fully-grown soldier is going to protect the brain much more than the skull of a young child who absorb more EMF than adults (up to 60% more energy per KG of body weight according to The Stewart Report). There is also evidence that EMF exposure in bone marrow may be up to ten times greater in children than adults (Christ et al., 2010). A lot of mobile phone companies run their technology right up to the SAM Phantom Head limit for a thick-skulled soldier, which is going to be way over the limit for a thin skull of a child. When children put these phones right up next to their heads, it is clearly going to have catastrophic effects on their health. Humanity is already living in an electromagnetic environment described by Dr Michael A. Persinger, an expert in Extremely Low Frequency (ELF Waves), as ‘a secondary, virtual environment – an electromagnetic soup – that essentially overlaps the human nervous system.’ What we are witnessing is a onslaught on the human central nervous system, and we are going to see human health and behaviour drastically change over the next few years with humanity further isolated from the Schumann Resonance — 7.83Hz — which is being swamped by this electromagnetic soup. 7.83Hz is the band of human brain activity and all biological systems and is also the frequency where everything in the natural world is said to connect and communicate with each other. We are already seeing the impact on marine life, birds, bees and other animals that are having their natural navigation systems scrambled by this technological-generated electromagnetic radiation. And this includes the many ‘unexplained’ reports of whales beaching themselves in large quantities across the world, such as the 416 whales beaching themselves in New Zealand and 50 pilot whales found dead in Iceland which depend heavily on their sonar navigation. This is all without the roll-out of the way more powerful 5G. What the bloody hell can we expect from 5G then? Well, the recent reports of hundreds of birds falling out of the sky and plunging to their death during a 5G trial in the Netherlands should give you an idea. Just a coincidence as the mainstream media are making out? I would strongly suggest not. Animals, trees and plant life are damaged the exactly same way as humans and the potential is there with 5G to dramatically change the very atmosphere that keeps us alive. The end goal is to bring an end to the natural world as we know it and replace it with a synthetic world of Artificial Intelligence. A central part of this plan is to remove the pollinators, and so we’ll see a huge decline in the bee population and the subsequent devastating effects on our food supply. They are already doing this with the heavy metals in chemtrails, particularly aluminium, as well as pesticides and other poisons that are reducing bee colony sizes by hurting the egg-laying abilities of queen bees, but 5G will take this to a completely new level. Claire Edwards, a former UN staff editor, has said that ‘it’s interesting to note that in the last 20 years we have lost 80% of our insects. And if we get 5G, we’re going to lose 100% of our insects. When the insects go, we go too.’ She has campaigned to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, about electromagnetic radiation and 5G; however, he pleaded complete ignorance, responding that he did not know any of the implications. A physicist, electrical engineer and lecturer on telecommunications, as well as a major player in the United Nations — which is absolutely crucial in the implementation of these 5G-powered smart cities through Agenda 21/2030 — all of a sudden not knowing anything about 5G and EMR dangers? I’m getting a word…. bullshit. It’s either that, or he is taking the term ‘useful idiot’ to an entirely new level of absurdity. Guterres said he would ask the World Health Organisation to investigate Dr. Edwards concerns but, still at the time of writing, she has received no response to her many follow-up emails. I wouldn’t get your hopes up of ever getting one either, Claire. It’s well worth seeing his farcical response in this video.   

What’s more, the 5G millimetre wave is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rainwater. A 2010 study on aspen seedlings has already demonstrated how exposure to radio frequencies make leaves show signs of necrosis symptoms, while an Armenian study concluded that MMW’s of low-intensity cause ‘peroxidase isoenzyme spectrum changes’ — a stress response that causes irreversible damage to the cells in wheat shoots. Just imagine for a moment the consequences on plant health when 5G is rolled-out to its full capacity. As I said, there’s nowhere to escape this, and we can now wave goodbye to the last of the safe to consume and organic food left in this already toxic world, too. An artificial world is the aim of the game, and the same Hidden Hand that is causing the destruction of bees, trees and other wildlife have now got their gofers publicly announcing their replacements: genetically modified bugs, trees and crops. These will live alongside Kurzweil’s AI ‘Human 2.0’ in this technological sub-reality.   

With all this devastation 5G will wreak on our natural environment, you’d have thought Extinction Rebellion and the ‘progressives’ would be all over it like a rash. What do we get instead? Radio silence. In fact, these ‘environmental’ movements are complicit in the roll out of 5G because of their support of Marxist UN Agenda 21/2030 that demands the creation of 5G-powered smart cities to ‘save the world from climate change’. One person who is sure to understand the connection, even if the rest of the Crusties don’t, goes by the name of Gail Bradbrook. She is the closest thing to leader of Extinction Rebellion and has extensive connections to the telecommunications industry. Bradbrook works with EE that is rolling out 5G this year in the UK, and for the past 2 decades she has been the go-to activist of the British government, especially to do with Digital Inclusion and Universal Internet agendas. These are inextricably linked to 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). Call me conspiratorial, but I feel that there maybe, just maybe, some sort of collusion going on here. Bradbrook has even admitted being funded by the telecommunications industry with companies such as AOL, BT, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and T-Mobile all supporting her digital inclusion work and the ‘international charity’ website called ‘Citizen’s Online’, with many of the trustees and directors of Citizen’s Online making a killing (literally) out of this 5G roll out. And what’s the biggest joke of it all? The fact that Extinction Rebellion still have the gonads to call themselves a ‘grassroots movement’. You do have to laugh sometimes.  

You would’ve thought that the catastrophic effects of 5G on people’s privacy alone would send the ‘progressives’ into meltdown and out patrolling the end of Downing Street with placards. But it’s not. Instead, they are on Twitter trying to ‘no platform’ and censor people who are trying to get information out into the public domain that will save their little ‘liberal’ asses. ‘Liberals’ once were liberal and cared about this sort of stuff, but these lot are, quite frankly, pathetic. Whilst these lot are in their ‘safe spaces’, the authorities are rolling out this 5G technological control grid at breakneck speeds which is going to have enormous implications for them and their families. As Tom Wheeler said in his 2016 speech, ‘if something can be connected, it will be in a 5G world’, and the Totalitarian Tiptoe technique is already being deployed with devastating effect to get us to this scenario. We already have smartphones, smart meters, smart televisions, smart cards, smart cars, smart roads, smart pills, smart dust, smart patches, smart watches, smart skin, smart borders, smart pavements, smart streets, smart cities, smart communities, smart environments, smart growth, smart planets… smart bloody everything. These and all the other ‘smarts’ are planned to be connected via 5G (and later Gs) to form the new smart global society that will be controlled in intricate detail 24/7 surveillance by the ‘Smart Grid’ and ‘Internet of Things’. All road vehicles are planned to be controlled by this AI Smart Grid with Elon Musk’s ‘Tesla’ company one of those developing the technology. Yep, him again. Autonomous cars will be so autonomous that they will be programmed to ensure you can’t go anywhere the authorities don’t want you go, and every destination will be recorded by the computer. ‘Where we going today, love? Wherever the computer allows us’. Electric cars with more limited ranges are also a massive part of the agenda to stop people travelling so freely. They are now talking about self-flying AI passenger airplanes! What next? AI sex robots? Actually, don’t get me started. Even the content of your fridge will be known to the authorities through this smart system. ‘Geoff’s opened door — what’s he reaching for? He’s gone for the Toblerone!’ This should be a joke, but it isn’t. And surprise, surprise Amazon is involved the project to put cameras, censors and other technology in the smart fridges that would monitor your eating habits and late night indulges. It’s official: the world is mad. No doubt the sheep will be queuing outside Argos in their droves on Black Friday to get one. Baa, baa, baa. Step-by-step we are seeing surveillance cameras, microphones and speakers installed on top of those wretched LED streetlights to accompany the 5G antenna, and the plan is to create one giant recording and broadcasting network in every town and every street. Sound crazy? Look up ‘Intellistreets’ or ‘smart street lighting’, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Local councils have even been caught eavesdropping on people from the microphones in streetlights before, and that’s without the more intrusive ‘intellistreets’. Here is one of many articles exposing this: This report is from 2010… How long have they being doing this for?! Imagine the amount of snooping that will be going on with everything connected in a 5G world. This is also the real reason behind the incessant drive to get smart meters into people’s homes and why they are being promoted like crazy by governments, media and corporations. Smart meters receive and transmit information through Wi-Fi electromagnetic fields in homes and businesses to supply a constant stream of private and personal information to the authorities. The meters are both a form of surveillance and mind control that are able to manipulate what you think and feel. They are information delivery systems which your body, mind and emotions are constantly interacting with, and the frequencies can be changed and ramped up once firmly in place. Jerry Day, an electronics and media expert from Burbeck, California, who is a vocal and tireless campaigner against smart meters after realising the extent to they maintain surveillance in people’s homes, says they can: 

  • Identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated to impose an invasion of privacy. 
  • Monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security. 
  • Transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorised and unknown parties. 
  • Record and store data about an occupants daily habits and activities in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorised or invited to know and share this private data. 
  • Produce through smart meter databases a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of people’s lives. 

Smart meters are outright surveillance devices in violation of US Federal and Wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private information without the consent of those being monitored. They can tell how many people are in the property and where they are and can even identify sexual activity. You can certainly wave goodbye to any ‘alone time’ or ‘rumpy pumpy’ when these things become mandatory (and they will). Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, have confirmed that they can count people in a given space by measuring the Wi-Fi signal and there is no need for them to electronic devices. Nick Pickles from Big Brother Watch said that we are witnessing a massive intrusion into what goes on in millions of people’s homes: ‘This comes when there is increasing surveillance of our society… smart meters are a step towards our homes becoming the next line of attack for state snoopers.’ But that’s the whole point, Nick. Thousands of Wikileaks documents labelled ‘Vault 7’ have already exposed the extent to which the authorities have been spying on the population as they revealed CIA hacking tools to access information on people through Internet-connected devices including the Iphone, Android phone and smart televisions. They will be doing it because they ‘care’, of course. Amazon’s Vault 7 also exposed how his ‘Alexa’ AI virtual assistant will listen into your conversations and ‘take notes’. We were also told that it can ‘express emotions like a human’ and ‘add emphasis to words and even be programmed to say regional-specific phrases’. This is all about the psychological and emotional fusion between humans and Artificial Intelligence on the road to complete assimilation. LG Electronics, the South Korean technology multinational, is Amazon’s partner in the Alexa project. David Vanderwaal, LG’S vice-president of marketing, announced plans to add ‘advanced Wi-Fi connectivity’ (5G) to all home appliances and will eventually have ‘tens of millions of smart connected devices’ in homes. Surveillance is only part of the plan, however. The most important target all along has always been the human mind. Where they want to go with this is beyond the Smart Grid or the Internet of Things and to what is called the Internet of Everything with humanity firmly in its gunsights. This is Kurzweil’s ‘cloud’.  

The foundation of this ‘cloud’ will be nano-technology — often called ‘smart dust’ — which can communicate with each other and anything they connect with no matter the location. In a promotional article for smart dust it was revealed: ‘The smart dust particles would monitor everything, acting like electronic nerve endings for the planet. The dust would make observations and relay mountains of real-time data about people, cities and the natural environment.’ Kurzweil and company want the whole world bathed in this stuff, which he refers to as ‘nanobots’. These are smaller smaller than the eye can see and will be embedded everywhere. We will have nanotech in pavements, walls, streetlights, computers, vehicles, energy and electrical systems, human brains and even nature. This will form one grid of communication controlled from a central point. Information passing through this system would decide if you are you’re allowed electricity for the day; if you can go anywhere in your autonomous vehicle; if doors will open and elevators work; if you can eat; and, crucially, what you are thinking and feeling once the human-AI connection has been made. Nothing will happen, including human behaviour, unless it is deemed acceptable by the AI ‘cloud’. I would say that this nano-technology is already being released into the atmosphere to be breathed in by people in preparation for connecting them to the ‘cloud’. The main delivery system of this shite is what is known as ‘chemtrails’.  

All this is happening now on an ever-increasing scale because the Hidden Hand’s agenda is progressing so quickly. The speed is in part to have this all in place and dictating human life before the population has realised what is going on. This is the real reason why 5G is being raced out at such an alarming rate. 5G provides the level of power required for the functioning of the ‘cloud’ — their hivemind — which will control the collective human mind. It depends on it. As Tom Wheeler said, 5G is ‘low latency, ultra-fast, and secure’ and that is ideal for creating a pathway to the cloud. When everything is connected to the internet and eventually the cloud, whoever controls that, will control everything. When we are uploading thoughts to the cloud, it will also be putting perceptions back into us. As 5G rolls out across the world and more and more devices connect to the Internet, we will see AI will do more and more of the human thinking until there is no more human thinking, as we know it, left. However, this endgame doesn’t have to be. It’s all a choice. We can either continue sleepwalking into this nightmare situation, or we can bloody well start doing something about it and bring this house of cards down once and for all. This is a choice that will decide the fate of us and the future generations, and ultimately, the very nature of human existence. 

It’s time to wake up – and fast.  


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