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The Assimilation: Welcome To The Post-Human World

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free  

 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  

The plan to turn humans into cybernetic organisms has been symbolised in many films and television shows over the years, and none do this better than Star Trek with the concept of the Borg. These are portrayed as a collective species – part biological, part technological – that have been ‘turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones in a hivemind called the collective, or the hive’. The Borg use a process called assimilation to force other species into the Collective by injection of microscopic machines called nanoprobes. The well-known Borg mantra goes: ‘We are the Borg your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.’ This same theme has been appearing a lot recently from the ‘futurists’ over at Silicon Valley, and one particular statement comes to mind by Peter Diamandis, cofounder of the Singularity University, who has declared that ‘anybody who resists progress forward [to transhumanism] is going to be resisting evolution and they will die out. It’s not a matter of what is good or bad. It’s going to happen.’ Even Mr Elon Musk has stated that we are already Cyborgs — and he’s right to an extent. Most of humanity already operate as a hivemind through their groupthink and lack of awareness and individual perceptions. In fact, brain-scanning research has demonstrated that a neural response to something by very few people can provide an accurate prediction of how the whole population would respond. This has been ruthlessly exploited over the years in so many problem-reaction-solution scenarios to get us to the situation we face today. Imagine how easily they would be able to manipulate us when technology will be feeding us all our thoughts, emotions and reactions. It’ll be a piece of cake. However, where the Hidden Hand plan to take this is way beyond what most people could possibly imagine, and even beyond what is portrayed in ‘science-fiction’. The ultimate goal is the complete subjugation and control of human awareness leading to its eventual removal via technology and for it to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.   

This will sound far-fetched to most people, but this AI-controlled hivemind is now openly being discussed by key figures over at Silicon Valley for the transhumanist agenda. It is commonly referred to as the Smart Grid or The Internet of Things (IoT), but the real deal is what is called ‘the cloud’ by its proponents. One of these vocal supporters is the Google executive and ‘futurist’ Ray Kurzweil who has declared that by 2030 humanity will have a ‘hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking’ and also gateways to the cloud put in our brains via what he calls ‘nanobots’. Kurzweil says of these nanobots in the book ‘The Scientific Conquest of Death’:  

‘It will be routine practice to have billions of nanobots (nano-scale robots) coursing through the capillaries of our brains, communicating with each other (over a wireless local area network), as well as with out biological neurons and with the Internet. One application will be to provide full-immersion virtual reality that encompasses all of our senses.’  

This is what is referred to as the ‘assimilation’ when our minds will no longer be our own but controlled through Artificial Intelligence. This is in progress and moving along quicker and quicker now, so it’s time we get our arses in gear. What they are trying to do is to get us so addicted to technology that we simply accept the technological prison that is being built all around us. The usual stepping stone technique has been utilised to maximum effect as they have successfully lured humanity into its spider’s web – the World Wide Web of the internet and all the ‘smart’ internet devices that followed – capturing us and rendering us docile, whilst stealing our focus of attention, so we no longer care or even dare to think what is really going on in the world. Their main prey is the young, who they seek to mould into a generation of soft snowflakes who cannot survive one second without their ‘smart’ phones and their ‘safe spaces’. Stage one of seducing our kids into this technological trap was the holdable technology – the smart phones, Ipads, tablets, etc. And what a fine job they have done. A third of American babies now play with smartphones before they can walk and talk and have had their brains rewired and addicted to this shit. They’ll be giving Ipads to babies in the womb next. ‘The babies kicking again, Robbie!’. ‘Give him the Ipad!’ It’s digital heroin, that’s what it is. But it’s not just the kids they’ve got tangled in their lair; they’ve got the so-called ‘adults’ too. All I see is people stood there pouting and posing into the cameras of these things whilst typing on the screen in what appears to be a foreign language – I believe they call it ‘text talk’. ‘R U K Babez? I luvin life init’. Something like that anyway. I often get the train from where I live to my work in London, and as I’m on the platform waiting for my train, literally everyone, bar maybe 1 or 2 people, are stood there glued to their screens. Then you get on the train, and it’s the same again. Nobody looking out the window enjoying the views or interacting with anyone, they’re just fixated on this little screen. People hold onto them for so long it’s like an extension of the body now – an extra limb. But, just like so many other aspects of this agenda, it is all done by design. It is no coincidence that they are destroying human interaction on so many levels, turning us into zombie-like isolationist sociopaths. The addiction has got so extreme that they are contributing enormously to the planned destruction of the family unit, as normal communication is breaking down with family members messaging each other from different rooms. Recent surveys have concluded that around 45% of families (especially those with younger children) in the UK will text rather than speak face-to-face, and 44% of families will sit in silence around the dinner table staring at their smart phones. And it will be similar elsewhere in the world. I’ve even seen reports that because of the constant smartphone usage people’s postures and the way they walk is changing with phenomena such as ’text neck’ becoming commonplace. I’m not kidding. This is how addictive this ’smart’ technology and social media apps are. Nathan Driskell, a professional therapist in Texas, said those he treats for social media addiction have increased by 20 percent and account for half his patients. ’It’s worse than alcohol or drug abuse because it‘s more engaging and there‘s no stigma behind it‘, Driskell said. Former Google product manager, Tristan Harris, revealed to CBS that techniques known as ’brain hacking’ were destroying our kids ability to focus. Harris said that ’there’s a whole playbook of techniques that get used to get you using the product for as long as possible’. One of these techniques was to design the smartphones and apps to excite the brain like slot machines do: ‘This is one way to hijack people‘s minds and create a habit – to form a habit.’ They have done their job so well in rewiring the human brain that, not only have they created a generation of digital addicts, they have actually reduced the attention span of the majority of the population. And my word, they have. A study of brain activity among 2,000 people in Canada using electroencephalograms revealed that average human attention since the mobile revolution had fallen to just 8 seconds – less than that of a goldfish. A GOLDFISH. And this is the goal. The world really is turning into the film ’Idiocracy’, and when I stumbled across a report explaining how record numbers of people are ending up in hospital after walking into traffic looking at their phone, I didn’t even double take. Nothing surprises me anymore, it really doesn’t. Attention span deletion is crucial for the advancement of the agenda and is thus a central goal of the technological and information assault on the human brain. They don’t want people having the attention span needed to connect the dots and to understand the full extent of the conspiracy. Most will reach for their smartphone after the first page of a book packed with information. How can you possibly understand anything about anything with the attention span less than that of goldfish? You can’t. And that’s the whole idea.   

We have now moved into stage 2 of the agenda (and then some), which is the wearable technology such as the as the Apple Watches, Google Glass, Bluetooth headsets, and I’ve even seen electronic tattoos being advertised. The plan is to get the technology even closer to the body and get this to become ‘normal’ and the subconscious familiar with technology being a part of us. The next stage is to get inside the body, and this will be implantable technology. We’ve already seen cases of this in Sweden where employees at a company called Epicenter have had microchips implanted in them, and to round off the insanity, they even had parties to celebrate their own enslavement. Humanity really have become like sheep. In fact, that’s insulting to sheep. We’ve out sheeped the sheep. Atleast the sheep need a sheepdog to keep them in line, we’ve done it to ourselves by giving our minds away. And guess what the CEO of the company said was the biggest benefit of the microchip? ‘The convenience’. Typical. This is one of the usual excuses, and we will see this more and more over the coming year or so. They will be particularly targeting the young with this technology because they will be the next generation of adults when this will be in full force. It will be their ‘normal’ to have an implant of some kind, and then they pass this down to the generation after who have no reference point of what life should be all about. Each step in this technological takeover is being sold as the next amazing technological breakthrough when it is really the next stage in humanity‘s technological prison. The implantable agenda has again made a mainstream appearance recently with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, who has been talking about accessing the human mind with what he calls a ‘Neural Lace’ developed by another one of his companies, Neuralink. The ‘Neural Lace’ is described as being ‘a tiny computer chip attached to ultrafine, electrode-studded wires, stitched into living brains by a clever robot’ that will eventually be able to download and upload thoughts. This is the same man that says we need to be careful of Artificial Intelligence because it will become an ‘immortal dictator’ that will wipe out humanity and is ‘summoning the demon’, yet is in the process of sending thousands of satellites into space to beam 5G across Earth which will put this very AI prison together. Go figure. Another sales pitch you hear a lot from these AI frontpeople is how it will make us ‘superhuman’ and ‘overcoming the limitations of being human’, especially from Kurzweil when talking about ‘the Cloud’. Despite what they say, it is actually designed to make us subhuman, and remove what makes us human. And don’t think the controlling force are sat around waiting for all this technology to be developed so they can do this. It’s already here behind the scenes. They just wait for when the population are ready to accept the technology, then they release it into the public arena. There would be no point giving a smart phone to a caveman, would there? They have had to develop humanity’s technological awareness to the point that is needed to understand and use this technology. Once this is achieved, they then release the technology under a cover story – normally involved with it being invented in a garage in Silicon Valley.   

The symbolic theme of the Borg takes us into the deeper levels of the transhumanist agenda where the real human-Borg transformation is happening. This is the unseen realm of nanotechnology and what the Borg called nanoprobes, which connected everyone and everything to their hivemind. We now have our version of the apparently ‘fictional’ nanoprobes with nanotechnology smaller than the eye can see, which has been given various names like nanobots, nanomachines, neural dust and smart dust. I’ll call it nanobots for the sake of clarity. I would strongly suggest we are already breathing in this stuff, and it is being delivered by …. Chemtrails. Smart tech and implantables may be bad enough, but the nanobots are where the real control will come from and will lock us into this technological hivemind. 5G (and the later planned Gs) will be used to create the pathway to this hivemind with it being low latency, ultra-fast and secure. This is why they are racing out 5G — their hivemind depends on it. In this hivemind, humanity will have to live in what are sold to us as ‘smart cities’. These are actually the densely populated human settlement zones or ‘megacities’ of UN Agenda 21/2030 which will be under 24/7 surveillance and controlled by Artificial Intelligence. In these smart cities, smart objects interact with not only people but also with other smart objects. In the smart cities, literally everything will be smart. That’s anything from your smart television, smart meter, smart autonomous cars, smart streets/motorways, to smart pills which will tell the doctor if you’ve taken your medication or not, and much more. These nanobots will be the foundation of this as they will communicate with each other and anything it connects with. Nanobots can track and recognise an individual anywhere because it will be inside of us as we are breathing it in. They can even produce copies of themselves through self-replication. It’s scary stuff. Kurzweil says ‘nanobots will infuse all the matter around us with information. Rocks, trees, everything will become these intelligent computers.’ Humanity and the entire natural world will be connected to be AI in the hivemind/cloud. What is important to understand is that we won’t be dictating to AI, it will be the way around, with our perceptions and emotions downloaded from AI. We will become, as Elon Musk says, ‘nodes on a network.’ 

Sci-Fi films/TV programs involving these dystopian themes, and there are loads out there, are designed to familiarise the subconscious mind with images of where they want to take the world in a technique known as predictive programming. A good example of this is a film that came out in 2014 starring Johnny Depp, called Transcendence, which puts the agenda right in our faces. Johnny Depp starred as a scientist researching consciousness, sentience and Artificial Intelligence and the aim is to create a sentient create a sentient computer that would create a ‘technological singularity’ or ‘Transcendence’. When he found out that he was dying, he and his wife uploaded his consciousness onto a quantum computer. And guess what will be the foundation element of Kurzweil’s cloud? Yep, you got it, a quantum computer network controlled by Artificial Intelligence. After Depp’s character dies, his wife completes the upload of Depp’s consciousness to the internet and the internet becomes conscious. The internet is a vehicle for Artificial Intelligence, and Depp’s consciousness in Transcendence is symbolic of this. The Internet of Things allowed his downloaded consciousness to take control of anything and everything that was connected by the internet and this includes the control of human minds infested with sentient nanoparticles spread on the wind. This may be a so-called a fiction movie, but the theme is based on fact. The internet can (and will) become conscious via Artificial Intelligence. The ‘nanoparticles spread on the wind’ takes us back to… chemtrails. They are rewiring us from the sky, and it is no coincidence that since the introduction of chemtrails we’ve had the emergence of Morgellons Disease. Sufferers of Morgellons have had technological fibres growing inside them and they can protrude through the skin and be pulled out. This nanotech that Kurzweil talks about can self-replicate, and the fibres found in Morgellon sufferers have been found to self-replicate and continue to grow outside the body once removed. They have also found crystals, silica, polymers and also insect-like creatures similar to what was pulled out of Neo’s stomach in ‘The Matrix’. Some materials found in Morgellons sufferers have even been found to light up because of a power source known as piezoelectricity or ‘pressing electricity’. It is this movement-generated electricity that generates power for the technology. The same type of filaments and fibres that are found in Morgellon sufferers are also being found in air, soil and water samples. Some have also been found in environmental samples containing a form of engineered dried blood cell. Ray Kurzweil has discussed engineered red blood cells called ‘respirocytes’, which he says are a thousand times more powerful than the biological version and are designed to augment or replace human red blood cells. Scientist Clifford E. Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute in New Mexico has found ’red blood cells, white blood cells, and unidentified cell types’ within ‘sub-micron fibre samples’ taken from the environment. Carnicom says they appeared to had been altered in some way and were desiccated (preserved by drying). Carnicom also discovered that gum-tissue samples from people’s mouths were showing the same desiccated blood cells found in his environmental samples. Er, hello? What the hell are synthetic red blood cells doing in people’s mouths? We are being invaded, that’s what. Symptoms of Morgellons disease include crawling, stinging and biting sensations of the skin; skin lesions that will not heal; extreme fatigue; severe mental confusion; short term memory loss; a sharp decline in vision; and itching so bad that some victims consider suicide. However, fibre cultures have been grown from saliva, body tissue and urine from people who do not have Morgellons, and it could well be the case that the rest of the population are integrating this technology into their bodies whilst the bodies of Morgellons sufferers are trying to reject it. It’s a takeover of the body from inside-out, and this nanotech is also being delivered through food, drink, cosmetic products and aerosol sprays that we spray right into the lymph gland. And it’s only going to get worse with the introduction of 5G which will interact with this nanotechnology. A new synthetic form is being created and everything else in the environment will be going through the same process too. DNA is a crystalline transmitter-receiver of information and if you mess with it then you change the way it receives and transmits information. It’s no surprise then that the nanotechnology being found in people’s bodies is crystalline. It will act as a new synthetic transmitter-receiver system which will interact with the hive-mind ‘Cloud’.   

Phenomena like the robotic insect pulled out of Neo’s stomach in the Matrix being found in some Morgellons sufferers  

Synthetic fibres, hexagons and other nanotechnology that light up found in Morgellon sufferers

The dramatic rise in technology-generated radiation that is changing our atmosphere is absolutely connected to this too. Changing the atmosphere means changing the frequency and the information content of the energetic ‘sea’ in which we all live. If you want to change the fish, change the sea. We are constantly interacting with this ‘sea’ and if the ‘sea’ changes then so do we unless we are matching a frequency beyond the control Matrix. 5G transmitter towers are being placed all over the world, within specific distances, to generate radiation frequencies that ‘talk’ to the frequency band of human brain activity. Certain frequencies broadcast in the human range can cause the brain to lock onto them and become ‘entrained’. Entrainment means that the dominant frequency vibrates the weaker ones into line or entrains them into that frequency. HAARP and other technology like it (over 200 of these across world) can bounce radiowaves off the ionosphere and back to earth within the frequency band of brain activity again to manipulate perceptions, thoughts, emotions, etc. There is a technological radiation and frequency onslaught on the human central nervous system and this is another reason why 5G is planned to be everywhere. Dr Michael A. Persinger, an expert in Extremely Low Frequency (ELF Waves), has said that we have ‘generated a secondary, virtual environment – an electromagnetic soup – that essentially overlaps the human nervous system.’ More powerful radiation — like 5G — and heavy conductive metals from chemtrails in the atmosphere increase the effectiveness of HAARP-type tech and together they can interact with implanted nanotechnology, ‘nanobots’ or ‘smartdust’ to tune us into the ‘Cloud’. They aim to create this technological sub-reality between the ground and the ionosphere in that part of Earth’s atmosphere known as the Schumann Resonance or Schumann Cavity Resonance. German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann is credited with discovering this electromagnetic resonance in the extremely low frequency or ELF range between 6 and 8 Hz. This is the band of human brain activity and all biological systems, and 7.83 Hz is said to be the frequency where everything can connect and communicate. Dolphins generate soundwaves of 7.83 Hz, and DNA communicates through extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves at 7.83 Hz. Human alpha brain waves are also broadcast in the Schumann band in states of relaxation, creativity and meditation while fear, stress and anxiety block alpha waves and thus block harmonic connection with everything else. The Schumann resonance is being swamped by the electromagnetic soup amassing from ionised radiation and technologically generated pulsed frequencies. Physicist and Schumann researcher Wolfgang Ludwig said: ‘Measuring Schumann resonance in or around a city has become impossible… electromagnetic pollution from cell phones has forced us to make measurements at sea.’ Professor Rutger Wever from Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology in Germany built an underground bunker isolated from the Schumann resonance to study student volunteers for a month. Isolation from Schumann resonance cause circadian rhythms to be scrambled and they suffered emotional distress and migraines. These symptoms disappeared after only a short exposure to 7.83 Hz. Ponder the implications for human life and health of this radiation and frequency bombardment of the energetic environment or ‘sea’ that we are constantly interacting with. They are building a frequency prison to entrap humanity in an even more extreme fake reality – a fake reality within a fake reality. The human mind and body will be connected to a vast web of Artificial Intelligence control (the ‘cloud’) that employs smartdust, nanobots and microchips, which will be implanted to create a permanent human-AI feedback loop. Like in the Transcendence film, underpinning this would be a quantum computer working alongside 5G (or worse) controlled by AI. It’s bye, bye humanity as we have known it.  

A highly significant and well-documented part of this web of technologies being implemented to lock-down the hivemind ‘Cloud’ is what is known as the ‘Space Fence’, which has recently been updated using much higher frequencies. The Space Fence is designed to be electromagnetically connected to all smart devices, 5G Wi-Fi, cell tower transmitters and nanobots, which will constantly interact with the human mind, body and DNA. The cover story is that the Space Fence is protecting the Earth from possible threats, tracking satellites, space weather and foreign missile launches. The US Air Force built it, and corporations like Lockheed Martin are also centrally involved. All the usual suspects. I feel it in my water that there maybe, just maybe, something fishy going on here. Elana Freeland, a brilliant researcher into this topic, has discussed how the Space Fence will become a conductive Saturn-like Ring that orbits the equator. These Rings will be held into place by a combination of gravity and the centrifugal force from the spin of the Earth, explains Billy Hayes, a HAARP insider. He says they will work like a CD or DVD with every communication from every source recorded there. These rings could well be what Kurzweil means by ‘the Cloud’ and will complete what the U.S military (just a vehicle for the Hidden Hand) has called for ‘full spectrum dominance’ of everything by 2020. This all unfolding as humanity is looking the other way, no doubt watching Love Island or the football match. It’s time to wake up, I think.   

Documents and statements that emerged over the years make it clear that the Hidden Hand behind this all-encompassing conspiracy want to reduce the global population drastically to as low as 500 million people for their Borg hivemind – there’s more than 7.7 billion at present (apparently). This is the figure used on the mysterious ‘Georgia Guidestones’ which were commissioned in 1979 by a person unknown using the pseudonym of R C Christian, which is believed by some to pay on the name of Christian Rosenkreuz, founder of the Rosicrucian Order in the 14th century, a major strand in the Illuminati web. One of the ‘guides’ is to: ‘Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature’. The draft copy of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment calls for the world population to be reduced to some one billion. The ‘Third World’ is being targeted for enormous population reductions, as detailed in documents like ‘National Security Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S Security and Overseas Interests’. It was produced in 1974 by the US National Security Council under the control of eugenicist, Henry Kissinger. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is a major funder of vaccination programmes in the ‘Third World’, has given multi-millions to Planned Parenthood and other ‘population control’ organisations. If Gates is involved there’s always trouble ahead. This is a man who looks like my Nan and has more estrogen in his body than a Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausage, but somehow, he is a serious player in what is going on. It’s probably something to do with the fact his father, William H. Gates Sr, was a big time Elite insider who supported the concepts of infamous eugenicist Thomas Malthus and was head of the Rockefeller-created Planned Parenthood. It really is a family affair – and a sinister one at that. But why the heck would anyone want to do this? First of all, it’s because they are empathy-deleted super-psychopaths with no remorse, shame or guilt. Secondly, it’s because they no longer need so many human slaves now that we have been manipulated into building the technological structure through which Artificial Intelligence can run everything. The (post) humans who remain will be nothing more than a cybernetic organism with their perceptions downloaded from Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Cloud’. The Totalitarian Tiptoe is already in motion as they seek to replace human jobs with AI. It’s reported that AI will take over more than half of current human jobs; however, the future human jobs haven’t been created yet. But they never will be created, that’s the plan. And you won’t be sat at home enjoying life with AI doing your work for you, whilst still being paid, either. The plan is that there is hardly any paid work left for the population to survive. If you haven’t got a job you won’t be able to pay the bills, and you will then fall into poverty-stricken dependency at the bottom of Hunger Games Society pyramid. They then intend on culling most of the people without a job who cannot serve The System and those who remain will be nodes on the network within the AI hivemind. This will sound crazy to most, but the amount of films that contain this theme is not by chance. It’s done by cold calculation, again, to familiarise the subconscious mind with the agenda and we help manifest that reality for them (but that’s a story for another day). There are actually a swarm of little delivery robots in the town where I live that have been around for the last year or so and will take the jobs of many local delivery drivers. I’ve heard people say they look ‘cute’ and ‘harmless’, which is of course done on purpose to make them more acceptable to humans. That’s a massive trojan horse though, and little robots like these, and other AI tech out there, are actually a foot in the door for what’s about to come. There’s an AI Army planned too. This will be the World Army of the World Government that is so often talked about in the alternative media, apart from it won’t be humans. And it’s planned to police us. The AI World Army has been planned for a very long time now and step-by-step we are seeing its introduction. So-called pandemics and external threats (terrorists, China etc) will be exploited to bring in more and more military technology onto our streets. This will be drones designed to keep tabs on the population from the air – complete with audio functions to beam voices if you are not obeying the rules, tasers and machine guns. We will see the introduction of killer robots manufactured by the likes of Boston Dynamics that will become the police and army. There will also be predictive crime units that will use AI to detect who is about to commit a crime – symbolised in ‘Minority Report’. This will be used as a way of removing those challenging The System. Imagine the shit they could make up about you if they wanted you gone – but, of course, it must be ‘true’ because AI said it is.   

‘Cute’ robots that are a part of a far greater sinister agenda  
Not so ‘cute’ robots will replace human soldiers and will eventually police the human population 

Humanity has been building a technological vehicle for Artificial Intelligence to take over everything. They had to be brought to the point where they could understand enough about technology to build their own prison, but without the awareness to realise that this is precisely what they are doing. That, in a nutshell, is how all this has come about and why human society has developed the way it has. The Hidden Hand have pump-primed this whole process with the transhumanism agenda that is unfolding all around us by the hour now, and we will see ‘pandemics’ and the usual trick of ‘saving the planet from climate change’ used to justify calls for merging humans with technology. Crazy? Then watch this space.  

The Hidden Hand think they’ve got this in the bag. This is why the Silicon Valley frontpeople for this agenda are so open in telling us that it’s going to happen and that any resistance is futile.

Will humanity just sit there and let them do it?

It’s time arses parted company with the sofa, that’s for sure.