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You Can Now Be Fined, Jailed and Assaulted For Not Wearing A Mask (And Other Tyrannical Weekly News)

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Governors proclaim chicken wings are not a meal

The pandemic has made Governors so power hungry that they are now telling restaurants what counts as a meal.

States like California and New York are forcing restaurants and bars to only serve alcohol with meals.

That prompted some establishments to add special menu items so that patrons who just wanted a drink didn’t have to order an entire meal.

But now that tactic has caught the eye of Comrade-Governors Newsom and Cuomo.

They have decided that not only is it within their power to tell restaurants if they are allowed to serve drinks and food, but these Governors also claim the power to dictate what counts as a meal.

The dictator of California officially decreed that buffalo chicken wings are not a meal.

Nor are reheated frozen entrees, “pizza bites (as opposed to a pizza)”, or “any small portion of a dish that may constitute a main course when it is not served in a full portion or when it is intended for sharing in small portions.”

And the dictator of New York said the food available has to be “More than just hors d’oeuvres, chicken wings, you had to have some substantive food. The lowest level of substantive food were sandwiches.”

There you have it, sandwiches are a meal, chicken wings are not. So says the politburo.

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A&E loses half its viewers after canceling “Live PD”

Amid calls for police accountability, A&E canceled its reality TV show “Live PD” to try to appease the Twitter mob.

Does this seem counterintuitive to you? It does to me. Following cops around with a camera seems like it would INCREASE police accountability.

But A&E seems to think that if they stop filming the police, then transparency and accountability will improve. In other news, 2+2 = 5.

But it turns out bowing to the Twitter mob isn’t necessarily good for business.

A&E’s total prime time viewership dropped by over 50% in the week after the show was cancelled.

And the channel has hardly recovered since then. Compared to this time last year, A&E has suffered a 36% total decline in viewers.

“Live PD” and its spin-offs were by far the most successful shows on A&E and sometimes made up 85% of its programming.

The shows brought in almost $300 million last year in advertising revenue.


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California State Universities now require Social Justice course

The California State University system is adding its first new general education requirement in 40 years.

Students at all 23 college campuses will now be required to take a class on either social justice, or ethnic studies.

But this new requirement was met with ANGER by the California Faculty Association.

They said it was “deplorable and disrespectful” that this requirement was passed without the consultation of CSU Council of Ethnic Studies.

And they were disappointed that the new rule didn’t go far enough, because some of the classes that fulfill the requirement are not closely enough related to ethnic studies.

This is a great reason to absolutely NEVER try to appease the Twitter mob– they won’t be satisfied, they will always want more. And YOU might even become a target for being the wrong kind of woke.

But this is a great way to truly mark the point where a college degree becomes worthless (especially when you are paying full tuition for online classes).

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