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Covid Marshals Brandish Yellow Card At ‘Rule-Breakers’ During Lockdown Protest



Covid marshals have been filmed brandishing a yellow card as a first warning to people accused of flouting rules near a lockdown protest. One of the two red-jacketed officers used the football system as they tried to disperse a group of people near the rally. One of the group, targeted for what the marshals claimed was a breach of Covid-19 rules, responded by insisting they had the right to protest. In the video, shared on social media on Saturday, the person being carded refuses to leave and protests: ‘Under what law am I not allowed to protest?’

The yellow card system is designed to put rule-breakers on notice before the police are called, which can then result in a fine. Marshals in Gloucestershire are using the method, and have identical uniforms and kit to those in the video, though it’s not known where the footage was shot. In the clip, the officers, wearing masks and red security vests, are filmed speaking to the small group of people in a park at the weekend, when a number of anti-lockdown protests took place around the country. One says: ‘Carry on walking, if you won’t leave I will give you a yellow card.’

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